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If there is ONE thing that you should absolutely do while visiting Sydney, it’s the Blue Mountains. During last Christmas Holidays, since my office closed for 2 weeks (I love it, Australia by the way!), we decided to spend these forced holidays to explore Sydney’s surroundings. Believe it or not, after 3 months here, we haven’t had time for yet! Our first stop was Port Stephens, my favourite place in Australia so far (read my article here). We literally landed in paradise with pristine forest lands, the biggest moving sand dunes in the Soutern Hemisphere, stunning white sand beaches with clear blue water, dolphins, etc.. But our second stop was even more magical. Located only 2 hours West of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are just breathtaking. I was stunned by its beauty, its endless forests, the incredible blue shade above the trees… but if there is one thing that I will never forget, it’s undoubtedly the sunrise. We enjoyed majestic views from the unique campgrounds we found. You definitely need to check these “secret places” here below. In addition, there are both completely free…and we know you like it when it’s free! 



Breathtaking views

For our first night in the Blue Mountains, we camped at the “Perrys Lookdown Campground”. As usual, I did a lot of research before heading to the Blue Mountains to spot the best Free Camps and you know what ? We haven’t been disappointed of course! This campground is located just next to breathtaking viewpoints on the incredible Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains. There are 5 official tent sites only but you can easily find other places just next to the camp to pitch your tent (that’s what we did). Note however that most sites don’t enjoy direct views of the mountains. You could sleep with these incredible views of course but it’s highly dangerous… especially if you have ever been sleepwalking in your life. You would end up in the ravine since most cliffs are unfenced. Be careful !


Camping aux Blue Mountains


Located near Blackheat, this free camp is a 30 min drive from the 3 Sisters viewpoint in Katoomba. However, please note that the last 5 km are unpaved road. Don’t worry too much however if you have a van, you should be all good. And if you are a hiking-lover, the camp is located just at the beginning of the Perrys Lookout track which is the easiest way to go down to the “Blue Gum Forest”, full of eucalyptus (656 meters high) and  accessible by foot only.

Levé du soleil sur les Blue Moutains
Sunrise, 5:50am
vue de notre tente Blue Mountains
The tent
Blue Mountains
Grose Valley



an oasis in the blues mountains

For our second night in the Blue Mountains, I wanted to try another spot I found online. I read that it was “one of the best camp in the Blue Mountains”. Haha. True. BUT they did not mention how difficult it would be… We had to take hairpin bends riding at a speed of 60km which was way too much given the space we had on the road that could barely fit for one and an half car. Then we reached a closed private property gate, but we were already to far away to go back so we did not think about it too much and we entered anyway. But I must say that we were just secretly hoping that we would not encounter any cows. We drove there on unsealed road with sharp and steep turns… scary when you are not used to it… Afterwards, horses were standing in the middle of the path and we didn’t know how to make them move away! We are from the city you know…

Tente dans Blue Mountains

The driver was not happy at all (and I was really relieved I wasn’t driving at the moment). But eventually, that’s exactly this kind of experience that make this trip memorable. Adventure. In addition, it was fully worth by the way. We enjoyed stunning views on the surroundings, we had the wonderful feeling to be in the middle of nowhere and even better, we spotted plenty of kangaroos! 


This camp is located in the middle of nowhere (closest city is Blackheat). It’s a 50 minute drive from Katoomba (33 km). Good luck and be safe! There is about 20km of difficult roads but still : an old van managed to get there so, don’t worry mate, it’s all gravy!

Adventure in Australia
Camping aux Blues Mountains
Vue sur la vallée des Blue Mountains

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