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Hey there! Welcome to my travel blog! You are probably wondering why the hell a travelling mermaid ? Well, it was very important to me to come up with a name that would be meaningful so let me tell you my story. My passion for travelling was born during my Erasmus in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you had told me 5 years ago that one day I would have a crush on this city, I would have said “You are crazy, I will never go to Denmark”. But my need to improve my English and Copenhagen Business School’s position in the rankings changed my mind. I wasn’t expecting falling in love with this city at all, actually it was all about a sound decision for my profesional career that turned to be the best decision I have ever made! I spoke so much about it that my friends keep asking me for tips for visiting Denmark. It made me realize that I should write a blog to share my stories and I started blogging mid-2017. The little mermaid, the emblem of the city, became the perfect symbol to tell my story. A little mermaid travelling temporarily by the seas to maybe one day return to this amazing city. I wrote about it in “The Stray Mail” (in French).

Travelling Mermaid à Copenhague


After my Erasmus in Copenhagen, I came back to Belgium to continue my studies in Business Engineering at the Solvay Brussels School. I was very excited about the idea of starting my first job after spending long years studying and one year before graduating, I signed my first contract in finance in Luxembourg. But after 6 months, I became totally bored and I took the decision to quit my CDI after one year to find my own path and career. Since my boyfriend was about to graduate, we decide to quit our flat and to leave with no plans for what would be next. We took two one-way tickets to discover the other side of the world. 



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